light comes in, you're forever

by Lucas Vidaur

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patrick kelly
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patrick kelly this album is an adventure through a bleak but expressive soundscape that resembles all of the memories you simultaneously cherish and fear. hauntingly beautiful. Favorite track: tiny swords.
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this album was formerly released under my old name, unlove, i honestly dont care what artist name you use for this album now

tapes here:


released April 7, 2016

everything by lucas
thanks to everyone



all rights reserved


Lucas Vidaur Madrid, Spain

FKA unlove

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Track Name: david sorry
hoping never worked my way
makeshift costumes for the play
i was the sky you were the space
what’s the point in little things
if you always lock the door
and my feelings might come in
but my ghosts would not

there is sun inside your clothes
there are clouds inside my bones

crying never worked our way
let’s try smiling for a day
Track Name: kylo ren
it was bliss
it was wasteful
i am blood
i am blue moon
queen mary
reads her poems
i dance

silver sea
i am grateful
battle joy
washed up courage
tv noise
read my poems
and dance
Track Name: fix me up
fix me up
i’m lacking what you might have
its hard to admit
i’ll never be your problems

i know that you’ve been waiting
but i waited all my life

i'm trying
i’ve been trying everyday
to stop me
from falling into you

it’s not a surprise
that i’ve been failing everyday

if you die it’s alright
you’ll be in my head forever
if i die it’s better cause right now,
right now i’m living just for you
Track Name: flowers come out of your mouth
always between you and me
kiss me till i sleep

and i’ll dream dream
feathers fall while you steam
can’t remember nothing
light comes in is over

wait wait
flowers come from your mouth
when you try to say yes
honesty is a bad joke

but i will survive
and you’ll survive too

there’s nothing too big
there’s nothing to cry to

life is fair
life is great
can’t wait to live
Track Name: instagram witches & brand new grimoires
giving up on dreams i never had
no relax no sleep no thinking back
missed your little dance but heard you sing
there’s nothing else i’d like to hear

texting you feels just like touching you
so i'm never going to leave my room
in my dreams i fall asleep and wake up sick
i feel blessed in my bed there’s room for two

mother cries in bed dad never left
she paints the door with her sons blood
drinks herself to sleep after work
i’ll break my bones in your backyard
Track Name: swept away (another sunrise in briny beach)
cut my smile with your sharp glance
and never lose your cool
come at me when you're wasted
i prefer when honesty's involved
in unfrequent heart to hearts

i will write our names with pencils
that have erasers on the end
in case i'm forced to erase those days
Track Name: no
no, your spell wore off a week ago
and i know that your magic runs low
no, the only word that i can say
when the rest have failed me so

i say no, no need for more stupid games
when I've lost in all of them
one hundred to ten
go, no reason why you should stay
cause with you i refuse to cooperate

you, you will try to screw my head
but i, i will stand and i will say

no, my chaos lover little thing
now i know what it's like to be loved
no, it took me long enough
to move on so you can ruin it now

oh, if you knew
how much i loved you
you would not try to come
and talk

there's nothing new
from your point view
but i've changed
and i left all the blue

no, for the last time i say no
can't you see, that there's no
you and me

no, baby, no,
this is hard, hard enough,
so please go

from my mind, from my heart
I say no