no, your spell wore off a week ago
and i know that your magic runs low
no, the only word that i can say
when the rest have failed me so

i say no, no need for more stupid games
when I've lost in all of them
one hundred to ten
go, no reason why you should stay
cause with you i refuse to cooperate

you, you will try to screw my head
but i, i will stand and i will say

no, my chaos lover little thing
now i know what it's like to be loved
no, it took me long enough
to move on so you can ruin it now

oh, if you knew
how much i loved you
you would not try to come
and talk

there's nothing new
from your point view
but i've changed
and i left all the blue

no, for the last time i say no
can't you see, that there's no
you and me

no, baby, no,
this is hard, hard enough,
so please go

from my mind, from my heart
I say no


from light comes in, you're forever, released April 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Lucas Vidaur Madrid, Spain

FKA unlove

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